The First Post

Tue, Jul 5, 2016

This is the first post of the new initiative. Focus on development of ideas and transmission of knowledge.

What does it look like to build for the web. What is the web anyway, if not just a bunch of tubes and pipes. So many existential questions that need answers!

My goal is to set out and just talk about things that I do every day. Show you how I solved a programming problem, or built a cool tool / library and the lessons that I learn along the way. The general theme will be of course programming, it’s what I do after all, and will include discussions around Go, Ruby and JavaScript but also other technologies that I use and encounter.

Of course the next post will be about my blog’s setup, as required by coders who blog, as a way of either thanking the builder of the engine in use or proselytizing the magnificence of the writer who built their own engine (I fall in the former camp).

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