Sam John Duke

About me

I'm Sam Duke, a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for building experiences that shape the way we interact with the internet. The web is often seen as a little bit wild, where anyone can build and host a website. My Goal is to demystify this process and help my clients connect with clients of their own.

My life as a software engineer began in my first year at university. It was the first time I had programmed, and the first time that I started to get an idea about what "I wanted to be when I grew up". My first real program was in C++, a TIC TAC TOE game that re-drew the board on every keystroke. I was so proud of myself. I started down the path to becomming a full blown engineer not long after that.

The early years of building software were like most others. I programmed at night, fit my assignments around my own hair-brained ideas (nothing substancial came from that) and learnt more than I could ever imagine; only to discover that I had only just begun.

My first software job was an internship building XML configuration for a public service department making document workflow definitions for government documents that are used in the process of governing. (Documents like request for information, or questions on notice if you have heard of that sort of thing.) It was a good job, but it wasn't right for me. I left after my internship ended.

I went on to do web development as a freelancer. This was an amazing learning experience. I learned what I am good at and not so good at. I also learned 3 or 4 new languages, a handful of frameworks and by the time I had finished, understood what I really wanted. I wanted to work with a team of people, rather than doing work isolated from others.

From there I found my way to the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania, building, maintaining and looking after a number of web applications and services that supported to client facing components of the business.

During my time there I got to work with a great team of people. We improved the software as well as built a large integration project connecting our internal databases to an external supplier. Running only a little late, our project was launched with great success. I left shortly after, as I felt is was the right time.

After a rather long holiday in Japan, I ended up at Inspire Group - my current employer - working on front-end projects, primarily using React, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. I have also been involved in the process of transitioning to an Agile like process, taking on an tranformational leadership role.

My love of software is always pushing me to improve my practices, become a better engineer and gain a deeper understanding about how the world around me works.

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